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Leanne Wildermuth, Artist

 “She walks into the sanctuary and finds her usual seat, four rows from the front, three chairs in from the aisle. She sets down her purse and reaches in, pulling out her moleskine and a pencil, setting it on the chair beside hers.

Few people understand what she’s doing, but those around her know. They’ve seen it before. Worship begins, and she begins to enter into the presence of the Holy Spirit. By the end of worship, tears are usually streaming down her cheeks and her glasses have been removed and sit beside her moleskine. She wraps her arms around her church family before Pastor opens his message with prayer. She closes her eyes and receives the Holy Spirit and an image enters her mind. She doesn’t understand it, but can see it clearly. This is tonight’s Sermon Doodle.

The message begins and so does she. Picking up her moleskine, she grabs her pencil and begins to sketch out the image she’s been given. Sometimes confused, it doesn’t quite relate to the message – or at least she doesn’t think so. Pastor starts to close and she is putting the details on her drawing. Suddenly all is revealed, the message and the drawing are tied together, and she is overcome by the power of the Holy Spirit that works in and through her.”

To many that may seem really strange. It is my normal. “I see things”. When given artistic and creative license (which I also like to call “trust”), the results never disappoint. Time, patience, thoughtful consideration, details – knowing all the details – these are all things that go first and foremost into every project. The ideas begin to flow and as I allow them to come and go there is always one that sticks. That’s the one. That’s the one YOU want, and that’s the one I want for you. That’s the one you’re meant to have.

I want to know about your relationship with your pet. Tell me that story. Tell me the quirky behaviors that are (or were, in some cases) near and dear to you.

During a photo shoot, I want to know YOU. How can I accurately convey your personality if I don’t get that glimpse? What do you love? Are you shy? Outgoing? As insightful as I am, a conversation helps me see you the way you see you – but also show you how everyone else sees you.

Your website is an extension of you – what do you want it to do? How is it going to serve you, your readers, and how will the design convey both your intent and personality? What about your logo? That’s as important as your own signature – it shouldn’t be something you want or need to change every year. Your project gets a lot of time and thought from the moment we begin exchanging communication. I work it out with you – and then work it out for you.

My goal in every project is to touch your heart and spirit in a way that you didn’t think possible. To show you that image that came to me when I closed my eyes and let the Holy Spirit move in and through me.